Hello sweeties

Wanna wish you all from now “Happy Easter!” and a wonderful time. I’m leaving with my hubby on a small vacation for a week.

Many hugs for all of you. <3

A tip for Sims 2 & Sims 3

Hi sweeties

For those of you that doesn’t know this tip already here is the thing if you have trouble running your game because of too much cc.

This is for both games.

All you have to do is rename your Sims 2/Sims 3 folder from My Documents/Ea Games or Electronic Arts that is for Sims 3 and launch the game.It will make a clean folder where you can add what cc you want.

I’m having per example for Sims 3 - 4 folders of the game - clean,make-up and clothes,store and cc for building and furnish houses.

You no longer need to have all in one folder if you don’t need them when you play - you just switch between folders.

Hope this helps some of you.

Hugs. <3