Hi, I’m Nilxis, a world creator, and I have a problem. Some days ago I noticed my Mediafire account was suspended and I had no longer access to my worlds. (Read more about it here). I had some of them in my computer but the other versions are lost. If you have a version of one of my worlds, I’d be eternally grateful if you could upload it and send me a link. Here’s a list of all the versions I have and the ones I don’t have:

(“THIS” means I already have it, and “THIS” means I don’t have it so if you do, please upload it)

Saaqartoq versions:

Saaqartoq Spanish Unpopulated

Saaqartoq Spanish Populated

Saaqartoq English Unpopulated

Saaqartoq English Populated

Plav Raj versions: (completed)

Plav Raj Spanish Unpopulated

Plav Raj English Unpopulated (Thanks Aminovas!)

Plav Raj CC File

Empordà versions:

Empordà Spanish Unpopulated

Empordà Spanish Populated

Empordà English Unpopulated

Empordà English Populated

Empordà CC File

Ziwa Bonde versions:

Ziwa Bonde Spanish Unpopulated

Ziwa Bonde Spanish Populated

Ziwa Bonde English Unpopulated

Ziwa Bonde English Populated

Ziwa Bonde CC File

Suvadiva Resort versions:

Suvadiva Resort Spanish Unpopulated

Suvadiva Resort English Unpopulated

Sa Pineda versions: (completed)

Sa Pineda English Populated

Isla Kalooni versions:

Isla Kalooni Spanish Populated

Kalooni Island English Populated

Costa-Sol versions:

Costa-Sol Spanish Unpopulated

The files I’m looking for are the .sims3pack files you have in your Electronic Arts/Sims 3/Downloads folder

Send me a private message or contact me via e-mail here.

Please help spread this post and reblog so I can upload my worlds again and we can all enjoy them. Thank you so much for your support, we can make it! :)

Hey lovelies

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I’ve resize the image cause it’s way too big - 1920x1080 :P


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